A woman standing in front of a red wall. She is wearing a red sweater, holding an object in her hand and looking into the camera


Lisbon, Portugal

Woman leaning in her car, wearing a black top with gold rings on her fingers
Woman wearing a brown and white dress, holding the steering wheel of her car with one hand.
A woman is sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Her legs are crossed and she rests her elbow on the window sill
A woman wearing a ring on her finger is posing for the camera
A woman wearing a red dress holds her arm up to the camera. She appears to be having a casual moment for a photo, likely in front of a red wall.
A woman in a red dress and red pants standing on a red background
20 year old woman in a brown jacket, looking down at her car. She has long hair and is wearing black pants
A woman with black hair stands in front of a car
A beautiful woman in a brown jacket and black shirt posing next to a silver car
Raquel Prates on the cover of LuxWoman magazine
A woman wearing a long black dress and black boots stands next to an old car
A woman in a red shirt is featured on the cover of LuxWoman Magazine.
Behind her, there are various images and articles in Portuguese about fashion.
A young woman sits in a car, smiling for Woman magazine