Hello, I'm KAT V

Made in the 90’s, I’m a professional photographer and I’ve been traveling the world capturing the beauty in all things.

KAT V posing

I'm Kat, born in the 90s, I'm a professional photographer based in Portugal and represented in Australia. I grew up in a multicultural home that made me explore many realities from an early age. I'm a photographer specialising in fashion and beauty and I work with brands in a wide range of segments, mainly bikinis, editorial, product and commercial photography. I have a portfolio of clients such as: TOUS, MAGNOLIA Jewelry, MÁXIMA, Luxwoman, Revista Cristina, Timberland, NIKE, Perfumes e companhia, O Boticário, Quem disse Berenice, TEZENIS, FALCONERI, Calzedonia, Urban Decay Cosmetics, NYX, L'Officiel, Colgate, ADIDAS, celebrities among others. At 19, I started my career as an assistant and at 22, I established my own brand as KAT V, taking my first solo steps in various swimwear photo shoots that have subsequently taken me around the world 7 times, and I'm getting ready for a few more! I work with advertising agencies, magazines and world-renowned brands in the beauty and fashion sector. My photography is characterised above all by contrasts; a delicate yet striking register and timelessness combined with irreverence, along with a deep understanding of composition and lighting, makes my work coherent and unique. I currently dedicate myself not only to photography but also to mentoring, masterclasses and support for photographers and photography enthusiasts. Authenticity is the key and that's what I always strive for in every image. Photography allows me to create a new world of possibilities. It has the unique power to amplify and elevate the subject or content being created. Get to know me better by following me on my social networks.