A delicious dish sits in a black pan with greenery next to it. The dish is placed on
a table that features a white cloth, and it's served at a restaurant

Comer à moda dos Açores


Gastronomic book

Azores, Portugal

The Azores are a combination of many factors: the scents of honey, passion fruit, and pineapple, the unique quality of fish from the blue sea, the green pastures, the unique smoothness of tea, the scent of fennel in the mountains, mint in the fields, parsley in the gardens, or wild blackberries that scream along the walls of the islands. Rúben Pacheco Correia's Azores taste like angelica, wine from czars, malassadas at parish festivals, soups from the Holy Spirit of the Empires. Lands of unique seasonings, of white cheese wrapped in conteira leaves, and flame-grilled steak in wine, seasoned with whole pepper.
A freshly cooked fish sits on a black surface. Surrounded by lemons and herbs, the fish is ready to be served up with a side of lemonade or wine