Behind the scenes

O Boticario HER CODE

Behind the scenes

On a rainy day, the production studio transformed into a haven of relaxation and lightness. It was on this day that I met the incredible Dânia, a person who, from the very first moment, exuded genuine hospitality - undoubtedly, the perfect ambassador for this fragrance. The room, with its palette of cream tones, served as a contrasting backdrop while Dânia showcased elegance draped in black lingerie, perfectly harmonizing with the essence of the perfume. Every detail of the session was meticulously overseen by the talented team at Stepup Films, who invited me to this project and provided invaluable support throughout the process. The atmosphere in the room, filled with positive energy, witnessed the magical transformation of Dânia in front of the cameras. As a fashion photographer, I always seek to capture not just images but the visual narrative emanating from Dânia. Every pose, every expression, became a reflection of the synergy between her talent and the perfume we were presenting. Stepup Films not only coordinated the production but also created an environment conducive to creativity, where each element contributed to the visual composition we were aiming for. I now share some behind-the-scenes moments, in the hope that everyone appreciates the delicacy and emotion that permeated this unique session.